martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Using ICTs in the EFL classroom

There is no doubt that technology is here, and it's here to stay. Many years ago I learnt how to create a blog, a webquest, a wiki, among other spectacular resources which could be used in many areas, including teaching. Then, the iPads and other gadgets were invented and most of the students in our school started using them. Nowadays, I can't think of my life and my students' lives without the internet, the computers and the smart phones. So, now is the perfect moment to start taking advantage of these tools in our everyday school life.

We should say YES to technology.

*Because we can. Teachers must be innovative, and technology gives us a wide variety of resources which will make our classes more meaningful, memorable and of course, enjoyable. Online games and quizzes are easy to find and easy to adapt, so let's use them!
*Because we can show our students the whole world in just a few seconds. Having broadband in the classroom is such a blessing!
*Because our students love technology. Every afternoon they surf the Net, they send and get tons of meesages and they watch hours and hours of videos and upload their own videos too, using different social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We can ask them to be productive in our classes, too!
*Because technology can help us connect the school work with our students' real lives, as they will use the gadgets they already have to create projects, do homework, read, write, and express their feelings and opinions... anywhere, anytime.
*Because it is a great tool for shy students to participate and get involved in the activities.
*Because we have nothing to lose! We must try everything to become better teachers and to provide our students with great classes which make them feel eager to learn, so if we incorporate new things to our classes, that may lead us to brilliant discoveries and amazing learning environments.

So, let's adopt these tools and design a whole different learning experience.

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Lore S dijo...

I totally agree with your post ;)